Becoming The Rasmus...

Eero and Lauri have been close mates since meeting in the third grade.
Pauli met Eero and Lauri in junior high at the beginning of the 90's.
The first version of the band came together in late '94.
They decided to make their own music since


December 1994 - Rasmus played their first show at school,
but at this early stage they were called Sputnik, and later they
changed it to Anttila before coming The Rasmus.

The name "Rasmus" comes from the word "trashmosh".
In 1995 they got lucky when they met their manager Teja Kotilainen
who saw them at Oranssi club and wanted them to record some songs.

-We already knew him. We made a strong team, and still do. We realized early on that this was only the beginning of much hard work to come. -Lauri

In december later that same year they released their first Cd "1st"
And now Warner showed interest and signed the boys 1996 and
In may 1996, The Rasmus made a strong debut
with full length album Peep which rapidly sold gold.
The timing was obviously right for this new generation of rock bands
and The Rasmus took the listening audience and reviewers by storm.
At the sprouting age of sixteen,
the band had quickly reached their goal and the dream
of rock stardom became a reality.


"We were really just kids let loose on a playground",
singer Lauri remembers.

The band passed the gruelling limit of playing over a hundred gigs in one year's time. Shortly after,
the band went back into the studio to record their second album Playboys. Once again selling gold,
The Rasmus now had established themselves
as a household name in Finland.
They received their first Finnish Emma Grammy
in the Best New Act category.
The beat of success built momentum and The Rasmus got the opportunity to support shows with bands like
Rancid, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Garbage in Finland.
An extremely prolific and productive band, it only took until 1999
for The Rasmus' third album Hellofatester to be released and
first single Liquid was voted Best Single of the Year by both critics and fans

Drummer Aki used to be in charge of selling merchandise
at the band's shows and joined The Rasmus 1999.

"Pauli asked me to join after jamming together. Which is great, because I pretty much suck at everything else but playing the drums",
Aki laughs sarcastically.


In 2001, The Rasmus definitely were ready for a major breakthrough.
changed recordcompany and their
name from Rasmus to The Rasmus
The group name had been confused with the Swedish
DJ Rasmus so they added a definite article
Now signed to Playground Music Scandinavia of Stockholm, Sweden, the band had a huge hit with single F-F-F-Falling.

"We were so nervous about that song”, the band remembers.
It was obviously a hit or a flop”.

A flop it was not! Shooting straight to number one on the charts, the single sold platinum and became the biggest hit of the year in Finland.
The album Into was released a couple months later and has sold over 70 000 copies to date, which is well over double platinum!
The success lead to the band performing at every major
music festival in Finland that year.

The Rasmus went abroad to support acts like HIM, Roxette and Spanish rockband Dover in Germany, Scandinavia and Latvia.
The band travelled Europe, made TV performances and interviews with the European music press and things started to happen.

The band recorded a live acoustic show on Viva TV only to quickly head over to Finland for the Finnish Grammy Award show, performed one song and swept all the major categories in
Best Band, Best Single (F-F-F-Falling),
Best Rock/Pop Act and Album of the Year.
The success was an actuality.
The Rasmus went on to record Dead Letters...